Photo credit: Julien Godman, taken in Tunis in 2018

Herein is a review and brief analysis of the state of code-switching and/or code-mixing in Tunisia. I examine some of the Tunisian contexts, settings, and uses of code-switching as it relates to identity, and effectiveness or purpose of communication. I conclude with thoughts and light speculation of code-switching and code choice in Tunisia in the near future.

Keywords: Tunisia, codeswitching, codemixing, French, Standard Arabic, identity, culture, language, dialects

Code-Switching Situation in Tunisia

Code-switching (CS) in Tunisia, and to a greater extent that of the Maghreb, has a rich and dynamic code-switching and diglossic landscape, often a combination of French and local Arabic dialects, and…

Photo Credit: Heather Suggitt

Herein is an abridged review of the development, contexts and processes of creoles and pidgins, with highlights on a certain pidgin-creole continuum. After providing a grounding into the dynamics and development of pidgins and creoles, I pull insights from them regarding language variation and change and what can be extrapolated from pidgins and creoles in a sociolinguistic perspective. In conclusion, I reflect and offer my own perspective on the what can be observed from pidgins and creoles.

Pidgins and Creoles Development and Context

To understand or find insights in language variation and change through the lens of pidgins and creoles (P/C), it is important to first…

Julién Godman

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